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Windoor  Systems  Ltd.   -   An   
architectural wood  furnishing and  home  
improvements company  capable of  
guaranteeing  the very best  in  materials  
and  qualified  suppliers.

Your  source  for  top  quality  range  of
wood windows and doors for internal and
external use with a full range of  parquet
flooring and timber decking.
About Us

In  the involvement of the FXB Group in the contract area both on the local and overseas markets over the last years, it
was being  faced with  constant  requests  for  good quality wood apertures and external doors.  This demand, coupled
with the increase  in the usage of architectural wood products in new and restructured buildings on the local scene,
resulted in the setting up of Windoor Systems Ltd.

Working  on  the  requirements  and priorities of the client, our company works out architectural solutions that best suit
the customer’s  aesthetic  and  practical needs.  Our range of wood windows and doors, which can include louvered
shutters, are marked by their flexible use and their ability to suit any environment.  The windows and doors are perfect for
sober and linear  rooms,  whether  it  is an old building or a contemporary one.  They fit perfectly in renovated farmhouses
and period town buildings.  A combination of wood and aluminium is also available.

The durability of the product, suiting the Mediterranean climate surpasses all expectations.  The lacquering cycles
applied to the wood give excellent protection against all weather; rain, UV rays, humidity and temperature variations.

Thermal  insulation  created  by  using  low  emission glass panes, soundproofing as a result of the usage of a
laminated double  glass  pane,  and  a high degree of safety related again to the special glass used, are all additional
features of the product proposal we make.

Additionally  the  company  also  provides  a full range of parquet flooring in various wood essences and finishes and
also good quality timber decking.

Our  various  proposals  contribute  to  the  enhancing  of  one’s living surroundings with products that are
environmentally friendly and more homogeneous to our natural surroundings.