On the 13 December 1998, Mr Francis X Borg, Chairman of the FXB Group was awarded the M.O.M.  (Member of the National Order of Merit of the Republic of Malta), at a ceremony of investiture held at the Presidential Palace, presided by the President of Malta H.E. Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici.

The official biography published on the day read: “A leading Gozitan entrepreneur and a self-made businessman who remains the Chairman of the Group of Companies which bears his initials. During his long and successful career he contributed significantly to the transformation of the production process in the local furniture-making industry from a traditional one to a technologically evolved one. The pioneering introduction of modern systems by its companies enhanced significantly the prestige of the F.X.B. group. It also led to the conferment on the Group of the ‘Award of Achievement in Industry’ and to the penetration of highly competitive export markets to the benefit also of the Maltese Economy.”

On this 19th anniversary of the day, this website would like to refresh the memory of this occasion and in this way celebrate the life of the Group’s founder .