In Contracts as with all the other products we supply, we are part of the Group’s strategy of supplying products that are synonymous with style, craftsmanship, quality, and the optimum in furniture and related supplies. The design and manufacture of contract furniture and joinery requires considerable expertise and we are involved in a number of stages, from design to manufacture to installation, liaising with the designers and coordinators to give a complete service.

Our expertise

We know that contract work is about tight deadlines, adapting to the requirements of the job and a practical flexible approach. From experience we have also realized that design, budgetary constraints, deadlines and site installation are all factors in a complex equation. Our multidisciplinary management team can be tasked to ensure that the logistics of the project are completed efficiently, on time and to budget. Our technical staff and production facilities can ensure that the product we are entrusted with, is manufactured to the correct specifications, standards and quality

Our target niches and services

Our main targeted niche is four and five star contracts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We have performed large contracts including a number for international groups. Whilst we are committed to customer satisfaction, we have continued to invest in technology and skills.

Our Group can provide a comprehensive role in each and every project by supplying the following services:

Furniture design: we can work with designers and assist in the design and budgeting process.

Manufacture of guest room sample: we can manufacture a sample complete with exact room measurements, to give a replica as to how the replica would look like.

Furniture supply: apart from the capability of producing all the guest room furniture, we can supply counters, public area furniture, upholstery, bedding and all the furnishing and lightings.

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