Furniture Makers for the last 126 years

Our origins

Although the original company was incorporated in 1970, the origins of the family business can be traced to well over a hundred years.

Way back in 1890 Francis Borg, then a young man of 16, began commuting between the two major islands of the Maltese archipelago. He was trained as a master-carpenter in Malta and on his return back to the sister island of Gozo he set up his own small workshop. After emigrating to the United States in the beginning of the century he returned a few years afterwards to develop his original business. His son Francis Xavier and George took over his concern soon after the Second World War.
The company
In 1970 the company was registered under the name Francis X. Borg Co. Ltd. It was the year when the step from simple carpentry workshop to industrialization was taken through the construction of the first factory in Gozo.

By the early 1980’s the company was in a position to export kitchen cabinet doors to the UK whilst maintaining a solid local market base.  Expanding from one small showroom to another, the company managed to increase substantially its share of the local market. It was during the eighties that the company became known in the local scene by the trade mark of FXB – a name which from then onwards became synonymous with style, craftsmanship, quality, service and the optimum in furniture.



In 1991 the company which by then had changed its name to F.X. Borg Furniture Ltd. received the National Award for Achievement in Industry assigned to locally controlled companies. Since then the company enlarged its showroom facilities. Other companies all of which are connected to the furniture industry were eventually set up, thus forming the FXB Group with F.X.B. Holdings Ltd. (now F.X.B. Investments Ltd.) being the mother company.

The Group manufactures its furniture in two plants in Gozo and another factory in Malta.  Three showrooms, one large one in Malta and another two in Gozo are the Group’s local retail outlets, selling own manufactured items and imported furniture.  The Group is presently specializing in the manufacturing of Contract furniture for Europe and North Africa together with the normal lines of domestic furniture both for the local and export markets