Having been in the furniture manufacturing trade for more than a century, doors are a product we have been producing for a number of years.

We have undertaken innumerable hotel contracts where guest room and bathroom doors were an essential part of the architect’s design. Public areas, utility rooms, corridors and halls have been furnished with our doors. Homes and apartment blocks have been embellished with doors we produce. We were the main manufacturer for doors at Mater Dei Hospital, with all the particular high standard safety requirements doors in the medical sector come with.


But times change and regulatory practices change with them.  It is not the first time that our own doors were successfully tested at laboratories in the UK, but as we said, especially when it comes to fire safety, regulations are now rightly more stringent.


For this reason, earlier this year, our company tested its manufactured fire doors at the test laboratories of Istituto Giordano in Gatteo near Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy. The test was successful and the company now proudly holds the required EU certification for its own manufactured 30 minute rated fire-door. Obtaining a certificate requires the manufacturing of the doors followed by the installation of the same fire-doors at the test-laboratories. Both the product and the installation undergo rigorous repeated testing.

We are pleased to share with you some photos of this experience, together with the certificate we now hold.